Upcycling India

Upcycling India is an Economic Sustainability based Initiative in Green Sector. It’s a Collective Initiative to Implement Circular Economy in India with Innovation at its base. Upcycling India Consists of Core-Teams Represented by Incharges or Heads of different Organizations.

Our Target 2030


Our Objectives

  1. At Initials phase to Channelized the Investment coming in Green sector.  
  2. Development of the Circular to increase liquidity of the economy.  
  3. Formalizing the Circular Economy Sector.
  4. Expand, Develop & Hybridized the Primary Sector, Manufacturing-Industrial Sector. 
  5. Hybridized the Service Sector with others. 
  6.  To Penetrate the Mass Market of 99%. 

Components of Our Programs

Trainings Programs


We are conducting Seminars, Workshops, Certificate & Diploma Courses. We also partnering with various organization to conducts Degree Courses and Others Training's on the subjects based on Circular Economy. 

Awareness and Seminars


We are conducting Awareness programs on different Organization, NGO’s, Corporate Office, Schools, Governments Offices, House holds, Localities etc.  

Connecting Platform


We also trying to connects various Waste Managements Organizations, Training's  & Educational Org., Government Bodies, Etc. to this cause to maximize the usage of Circular Economy. 

Circular Economy Lab & Field Research


We also conducting various Experiments to study economic Implication of the Circular Economy. Our Team working on Implementation of Circular economy in different Economic System such Traditional Economic System, Innovation Based Economic System, Command Economic System, Market & Mixed Economic System etc. 

Intern & Entrepreneur Club


We are providing incubation supports to the new entrepreneurs by providing them mentor-ship, Legal Supports, Technological Supports, Etc.

Green Audit


We also providing the service of Green Audit in Our project of Green School & Green Campus Project. 

Green Tech Product & Solutions


We Provide huge ranges of Products and Solutions in the field of Green Technology. 

Our Social Organization Dedicated to this Cause

Amuktika Foundation


 Its our social organization work in the sector of Low Carbon Footprint Lifestyle, Awareness on Circular Economy, Recreational Programs, Social Upliftment Programs Etc. 

Prerana Social Development Welfare Organization


Prerana is our social organization work in the field of Training's, Diploma courses, Degree courses and also other several others training programs on Circular Economy.

We are the common people


We Are The Common People is a voluntary(non-individual,non-political,non-government) organization promoted by like-minded educationists, doctors, legal experts, technocrats,social activist, dynamic entrepreneurs, enthusiastic students and effervescent youth to bring a perceptible change in the present social set-up. 

Enterprise Development Institute


 Enterprise Development Institute (EDI) is a not-for-profit registered society promoted by Bengal National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BNCCI) jointly with the Government of West Bengal for strengthening entrepreneurship and small enterprise development activities in West Bengal. The Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Government of India has also come forward to help the Institute to achieve its goals. 

Our Partners Organizations & INITIATES

Y-East Initiative


Y-East, initiative of Techno India Group, is a platform that connects all the individual and organisational actors of the sustainability and social sectors from and for East and North East India. In other words: all citizens, NGOs, corporations, investors, start-ups, public entities, educational institutions…  

Green Entrepreneur Initiative


Green Entrepreneur Initiative of EDI Kolkata Alumni & Entrepreneur Cell Sponsored by EDI Kolkata and Supported by Upcycling India Movement  

Our path pradarshak

Dr. Prof. Sarajit Basu


 Prof. Surajit Basu is one of the most respected figures in the field of engineering in India. Graduated in ChE (JU) and PhD (IIT Mumbai), carried out Post-Doctoral work as Humboldt Fellow at the Tech University, Darmstadt (1972- 73 ). He was an UNO Expert & In the expert committee in the PRIME MINISTER‘S OF INDIA TCH MISSION ON DRINKING WATER (1998-92), SUGAR TECH MISSION. TIFAC of DST, Government of India.(2000-2002).

Prof. H.S. Rauth


Prof. Himanshu Sekher Rauth is a most important name in the Field of Small Hydro Projects & Renewable Energy. He aquired degree in M.Tech, Phd(RE). He is Former Dean (RE) of KIIT University, Bhubaneswar and also Ex-Employee: NGEF, NTPC, IREDA. He Currently Working as Visiting Faculties and Resources Person at different Universities & Government Programs.

Dr. Tarit Kr. Majumder


Dr. Tarit Kr. Majumder is a Eminent Mathematics and had an experience of more than 45 years in academics. He is currently appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of Techno Global University. His work on Graph Topology and Number Theory was breakthrough in the field of Metal Waste Management

Shri Premamay Biswas


Shri Premamay Biswas is an one of the respectful person in the field of Sports and Fitness research programs. He was National Champion Swimmer in the Year 1963. He was National Swimmer for Eastern Rail for many years. He Passed from Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala and being National Coach for many years, in this process he have produced many National Player, International Player, Asiad Player.He is the Student & Disciple of Famous Swimming Coach Bob Kiputh of Yale University. Right Now he is Researching in Low Carbon Footprint Lifestyle related fitness & diet program. 


Shri Amitabha Sen


Shri Amitabha Sen is an advocate at Calcutta High Court with specialization in Business Law and Cyber Law. He has worked as an official at several departments of Government of India, including Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Finance. He is working in Ancient Indian Economics- Circular Economy & Circular Living, Correction of India's history  distorted by the British Raj, Bengal's Economics History.

Shri Parag Majmudar


Shri Parag Majmudar is a Civil Engineer. with expertise in green energy, business etc . He is the founder of Ritman Group. He had appointment as a Committee member for Environment and Energy with the Bengal Chamber of Commerce.
Was awarded the Indian Leadership Award for Infrastructure Development by the Indian Economic Development And Research Association,(IEDRA). 

Our Executive Leadership

Shri Subham Das


 Shri Subham Das is Co-Founder of Amuktika Industries, Sarit Panta, Amuktika Foundation.He is  EDI, Kolkata Pass out 2013 with Good Skill & Knowledge in Engg., Management. Working in Waste Management Field since 2015. He is also a National Sportsmen. Right Now he is working in Upcycling India Programs, Terraforming, Amuktika Innovation Program. He is good at Research & Innovation Programs.

Shri Rahul Adhikary


Shri Rahul Adhikary by profession is Legal Practitioner. Founding Member & Chairman of Prerana Social Development Welfare Organisation, member & closely associated with Habibpur Ramkrishna Math & Mission

Smt. Mandira Karmakar


Smt. Mandira Karmakar started Amuktika & develop Its Framework. She is Co-Founder of Amuktika Industries, Amuktika Foundation. She is Jadavpur University PGDM (Mkd) Pass Out with Knowledge in Maketing & Advertisement . Working in Waste Management Field since 2015. She is State Level Sportsperson. Right Now She is working in Waste Management Training's,, Tribal Area Development Programs, Low Carbon Footprint Lifestyle Management, Etc.  

Commander Satyajit Roy


Commander Satyajit Roy a veteran of the Indian Navy, brings with him 25 years of distinguished military service,  Commander Roy has won many a laurels in the Indian Navy and discharged with distinction important participation in Operation Pavan, IPKF in Sri Lanka; and Operation Vijay, strategic sea denial during Kargil War. 

CE Anshu Saraf


 CE Anshu Saraf Chartered Chemical Engineer, a young and dynamic professional.He is the Founder of Ansh Engineers and Partner of Amuktika Industries. He had worked in Several Waste Management Projects. He is a member of IEI and IIChE. 

Shri Subhajit Duttagupta


Shri Subhajit Duttaguta by profession a Teacher. He is working in several Training Projects for Youth Development in India. He is the Founder of We are the Common People. Involved in various Social Works and In Youth Training Sector & Youth Right Movement.

Our Project Details

Inception Report of Upcycling India

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Apply for the program

Apply for Training Program as Students/Individual.


 We are conducting Seminars, Awareness Camp, Workshops, Certificate & Diploma Courses. We also partnering with various organization to conducts Degree Courses and Others Training's on the subjects based on Circular Economy. Apply here for Free or Paid Programs.

Apply for Training Program as School, College, University, Institute, NGO's Etc.


  We are conducting Seminars, Awareness Camp, Workshops, Certificate & Diploma Courses. We also partnering with various organization to conducts Degree Courses and Others Training's on the subjects based on Circular Economy. Apply here for Free or Paid Programs for the School, College, Institutes, NGO's Etc. 

Apply as Trainer / Resources Person for conducting Our Programs.


 We need your Leadership, Help, Suggestion and Participation to the program and Make our country Great Again.

Apply to Collaborate with Us as Training & Facilitation Partner


 We also want your Organization to Collaborate with us in our Programs such us Seminars,  Awareness Camp, Workshops, Certificate & Diploma Courses, Etc. 

Apply in Our Incubation Programs as Start Ups / Budding Entrepreneur


 We are providing incubation supports to the new entrepreneurs by providing them mentor-ship, Legal Supports, Technological Supports, Etc. 

Apply to Our Job / Recruitment Program


 We also providing the placements and job Assistance Supports in the Field of the Circular Economy and others related sectors, students can registers to get the supports. Along we that we also providing free internship training. 

Learning From Ancient India’s Economy - Sadhguru

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