Ritman Group

Ritman Group was founded by Shri Parag Majmudar. Ritman deals in Green Building Solutions, LED Lighting Solutions, Chemical Non-VOC Paints, Multi or Hybrid Renewable System. 

The Green Building Materials we used & Supply



The panels are lightweight, Heat Resistant, Fire Resistant, Rapid Installation & Cost Effective. 

Engineered Wood


 Engineered Wood  are Heat Resistant, Rapid Installation & Cost Effective as Wastage Wood are Used to make this panels.  



These trees grow faster irrespective of climatic conditions. So, it makes it economical as well  They can be used to construct frames or supports, walls, floors etc .They provide a good appearance to the structures.  

Insulated Concrete Forms


 Insulated concrete forms contain two insulation layers with some space in between them. They are light in weight, fire resistant, low dense and have good thermal and sound insulation properties 

Straw Bale


 Straw bale is another green building material which can be used as framing material for building because of good insulating properties. They can also act as soundproof materials 



 These are the oldest roofing materials which are still in use in some remote locations of the world and even in cities for aesthetic attractions. 



 Polyurethane foam is available in the form of spray bottles. They are directly sprayed onto the surface or wall or to which part insulation is required. They offer excellent insulation and prevent leakage of air.



 Cellulose is a recycled product of paper waste and it is widely used around the world for insulation purposes in structure. It acts as good sound insulator and available for cheap prices.

Others Products

LED Lighting System


 The Ritman Group firmly believes that in the right light, even the most ordinary sights appear extra-ordinary. This philosophy led to the creation of our brand of LED lights, 'Rising': The answer to all architectural and industrial lighting requirements. 

Non-VOC paints


Non-VOC paint or green paint is recommended over VOC containing paints. Presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in paint reacts with sunlight and nitrogen oxide resulting in the formation of ozone which can cause severe health problems for the occupants. 

Multi/Hybrid Renewable System


Our Team of Engineers efficient in making Solar, Wind, Algae Bio-fuel, Carbon Capture, Thermal Heat Capture, Small Hydro System. They also can make the Hybrid System according to need.